Structural Engineer List

This page shows the structre engineers in the major cities of Bay Area penisula, who hold professional licenses issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Please note that the list may not be current. Please use license number to confirm the actual status at DCA.

Name License Type City
Name License Type City

How do I find the Structural Engineers?

Follow the step-by-step instruction to search for a structural engineer at DCA:

  • Enter a city name at the Search Box in the table above.

    Please note that the lower the license number is, the longer history this structural engineer has.
    You can use the up/down arrow at the license number column to sort by the ascending/descending order.

  • SE at Sunnyvale
  • Access the DCA website:
  • DCA Webpage
  • Enter [License Number]. Select [Board of Professional Engineers] and [Structural Engineer].
  • And hit [Search] at the end of the page. The next page will display the structural engineer's name, city and license expiration date, which is the most important information.

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