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The above tabs link to the tables of licensed contractors with variety of license categories. These database serve as open resources for home owners to identify suitable candidates for their home projects. The information may not provide a complete coverage of all the qualified businesses and are valid up to October 26th, 2023. Please confirm the actual status using the CSLB and DCA websites. Best wishes for your projects and have fun!

Services in Cities (Bar Chart) Specialty in Cities (Bubble Chart)
       Public Tableau was used to generate the charts showing the number of services in the cities of Bay Area CA.

Story about the database Actual Deck

While working on my home development projects, I searched for the licensed contractors who hold worker compensation insurance. It is important that the contractors have the required liability and worker compensaton insurance such that it reduces the risk of Mechanics Lien. I found out the best source to confirm the license and insurance status is

I downloaded the data with the major cities of Bay Area peninsula from the CSLB website and organized a list of contractors who actually hold worker compensation insurance. Check out the contractor lists in several categories by clicking the tabs above.

For the projects that need building permits, I also looked for the licensed structure/civil engineers who can generate structural design and drawing sets that meet the CA build codes. I found the Department of Consumer Affairs where professional licenses are issued to qualified engineers. I downloaded the structural engineer name and the license expiration date to make sure the structural engineer on the permit drawing record holds a valid license.

I then looked into the building permit sites at major cities to further searched for the contractors who actually had building permit records and matched with more than 3000 candidates in the database of licensed contractors who carry worker compensation insurance. Several building permit search sites are listed below:

Search for a Contractor with Build Permit Experience Actual 2nd Story Deck

Follow the step-by-step instruction to search for a contractor who actually did building permit projects in the San Mateo County:

  • Access the     San Mateo County    building permit web page
  • San Mateo County Webpage

  • Enter the search keyword in order to downsize the search
  • For example, to search for a deck project, enter the word "Deck" in the search box and press [Enter].
    For example, to search for the permit projects of one contractor, enter the contractor's company name in the search box.

    Permit Search Keyword

  • Check the searched results
  • Use the pull-down menu to select [Building] for building permits.

    Permit Search Results

  • Click on the record number of one project
  • For example, click on the project "BLD2024-00640", the details appear at the next page. The contractor's contact information is available at this page. The actual contact information is blocked in the image below.

    Permit Details

Use Advanced Search to download a list of projects

  • Click on [Search All Records] & Enter filter details
  • Advanced Search Permit

  • Check the results
  • Click on [Download results] to load the first 1000 results to a file
  • Advanced Search Results

  • Check the [Download] folder in your computer to find the file.
  • Result File

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