GC Pyr

        I am an AI enthusiast with experiences in engineering design for autonomous machines.

        I enjoy attention to details of the work similar to a large-scale jigsaw puzzle which requires skills to synthesize strategic options into effective paths and demands personal grit for project execution. It has always been important to me that I can quickly learn new knowledge and be proficient in new fields.

        I created this website which has two major categories.

One category is feature engineering for the database of contractors and structural engineers in Bay Area, California. I took the raw data of 7500 registered contractors from the California State License Boards, selected the contractors who actually hold worker insurance compensation and transformed the data into the relationship of Contractors in different cities and their licensed categories. The goal is to provide a sortable and searchable database for home owners to use as a tool to either find potential contract suppliers and to confirm their license status.

GC Pyr
       Generated by KerasCV Stable Diffusion.

    For the structural projects which particularly require build permits, I retrieved more than 500 licensed structural engineers from Department of Consumer Affair License website and generated a sortable and searchable database for home owners and the contractor services to identify the licensed structural engineers who is qualified to complete the required structural design and analysis.

            I also have provided instructions for the home owners to search for experienced contractors who actually had passed build inspections in the past. Such data is retrievable from the city/county's build permit sites.

GC Pyr
       Generated by KerasCV
Stable Diffusion.

Another category is Generative AI for the database of published kindness stories reported in the news media. I utilized the text summarization AI libraries to generate the summary of the kindness stories which were retrieved from the news media by Generative AI. The stories were organized in a sortable and searchable database. Each selected story is displayed with a Generative AI image describing the scene. I hope to provide insights for everyone to spread their kindness in the community. It will also be hopeful that more browsable kindness content can expedite and extend AI training about humanity.

Sincerely wish this data content can be resourceful to you!         Cindy Hsieh